Wednesday, July 24, 2013

3 Day Weekends

 NYC>Long Island>home.
3 day weekends are the best. Having off Mondays is definitely a nice treat.

Friday: spent the day in the city, tried a coconut crepe cake with rum flakes at Lady M Cake Boutique, which is right next to where I work...don't know if that's a good or bad thing quite yet...
Saturday/Sunday: Long Island for pool/family time! The pool was perfect for the hot weather. S'mores at night and sangria during the day.
Monday: Hudson Hil's for brunch- tried a strawberry and rhubarb pie which was seriously delicious. I've been dying to try anything rhubarb so I was very happy to see the pie on the dessert menu. Afterwards, we explored the Chuang Yen Buddhist Monastery, which has always been a favorite spot. Something about it is so calming and serene- it's a great place to escape to. 
AND happy 14th birthday to my sister, Lindsey! (that's what those last set of photos are from)

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