Tuesday, July 29, 2014


The black bootie. It has become an essential for me. It's easy to pair with jeans and dresses and it can be worn from winter to summer. So, why haven't I found the perfect pair?! I have two pairs as of  now. One is from Urban but the sides are exposed (aka no good for snow in the winter) and the other pair is from Forever21 and I totally dig them BUT the heel is a little too high (aka not the most comfortable for a lot of walking). Since Autumn is coming up (not yet, I know, but eventually) I gotta find ** my ** pair. Suggestions welcome!

1. Above is the Sierra Nevada bootie/ Modern Vice + Free People

2. Reina bootie from The Frye Company
Okay, so my family is totally a Frye family. It would be interesting to count up the amount of Frye boots we have among all of us. My mom likes the brand...so that means everyone can enjoy them. (lols) I even think my dad has a pair... but I may be mixing them up with Red Wing shoes... ANYWAY. I really like Frye! They're classic and cool. Walking into their Newbury location here in Boston is a dream. I'd have to see these babies in person- I'm not sure about the cut! 

3. The Wes Boot from Madewell ! Diggin' the heel, pointy-ness, and buckle. They're A++.

4. Classic Jett Boots by Modern Vice
So, these are kind of the holy grail of booties in my eyes. Probably because two of my biggest lifestyle/fashion/blogger/everything inspirations contributed in creating them. I like the fact that they're handcrafted right in nyc. And they just scream cool.

5. Handler also by Modern Vice
Okay, also really love these by Modern Vice just because of their simplicity. Now I can't decide if I like these better than the Jetts. Decisions, decisons...

Anyone out there have a perfect black pair? Let me know, peeps!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


It's finally here! I've been wanting to do an apartment tour for a while now and decided that today was the day! (Took me long enough, considering our sublease is up at the end of August). So, some pointers: 1. Nick (my boyfriend) & I live in a split level house on the second floor in a super cool neighborhood of Boston 2. Keep in mind that we're two 23 year olds living on our own for the first time (besides college)- our place is not perfect  3. Enjoy & take some inspiration if you'd like. (Above is our living room!)
Note: Crystals and candles on the window for good vibes. Record player may be my favorite part about the living room. Our record holder is vintage found at SOWA! Favorite artists we've been listening to lately (1.) Alt-j (2.) The National (3.) Metronomy

Shelves when we first moved in- some things have been re-arranged since then (see below)

Treasured items here: (1.) Original Andy Warhol Art Cash (2.) Coral & Tusk feather print (3.) Some favorite books: Just Kids, Franny & Zooey, The Elegance of the Hedgehog, The Bell Jar (4.) Waving kitty (5.) Photo and Art books are so important to me. Some favorites include Julia Chiang, Chistopher Kutner, Joshua Abelow, and William Eggleston

*Cornell frat 1980 frame from Ithaca
*Nick's very beloved Quilts poster from Salvo in Ithaca
Above: Key items here (1.) Spoon rest from Anthropologie (2.) Amber fig candle from Cold Spring Apothecary (3.) Da best vegetarian cookbook from Anthropologie
Below: Both big believers in buying fresh and local- yay, basil !
Note: collecting old bottles has become a hobby- I've had the pretty sky beer bottle since JR. year of college
*Vintage world map from Etsy
(1.) Classic cocktail recipes organized by type of liquor (2.) homemade salt water taffy from the Cape -- both gifts! :) :)
*Open pantry shelf

Our bedroom is probably the biggest room in the place. I love that the bed itself sits in its own little alcove. And the fact that the sun shines in through the windows in the morning. 

*The cozy corner. Canvas by my sister, Kelsey

(1.) Wooden frame from Goodwill (2.) embroidered old post card from Bookmarc by Marc Jacobs (3.) Poet's sheet music thrifted from Ithaca, (4.) Botanical Print from cold spring

*closet space! The other side is full of our clothes
Treasured items here: (1.) Frye cowboy boots and burnt red 'work' boots (2.) Red Lucky brand hat (3.) Black Free people x jeffrey campbell clogs (4.) vintage gold toe clogs from etsy

(1.) Photo collage from Aviary Gallery in my neighborhood (2.) More favorite books including Ham on Rye and East of Eden

Above: (1.) Love by Chloe (2.) Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf (3.) Marc Jacobs by MJ
Below: Favorite matte lipsticks from MAC
*Vintage and new combined
*Vintage land of the dead print found at SOWA
(1.) Amber goblet cup from Anthropologie to keep all my lipsticks & balms in (2.) Field Notes is Nick's for writing down dem million dollar ideas
Closet space is limited so we did the clothes rack thing. Definitely nice having clothes out in the open

Bathroom Vanity: (1.) Cypress Fig room spray from Cold Spring Apothecary (2.) Benefit makeup remover (3.) Lavender bath oil from Urban (4.) Honeysuckle lotion from Anthropologie (5.) Free People hair clip (6.) Gold mirror is vintage
*Another old bottle- hard apple cider from France. Studs are Free People! All other jewelry is a mix of old and new. 

The deck is an added bonus to the place. It's the perfect place to read once the weather cools down and somehow whenever we've had friends over we always end up here. Also can't wait for our tomatoes to ripen teehee

Monday, July 21, 2014


A beach day and a farm fresh meal is allll you need in the summertime. Ipswich was a dreamy beach location. About an hour outside the city- we drove through farmland, small town seafood shacks, and tons of antique stores. I felt like I was on the scene of a movie set, everything was THAT picturesque. And then Russell Orchards- can you say perfect? Freshly picked cherries & carrots AND homemade wine. We got rhubarb and dandelion! And after the beach, a breezy night making dinner in the kitchen kept especially warm from the oven. We had this recipe- soba noodles, roasted zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and a swiss chard pesto! MMMMmmm!