Sunday, June 21, 2015

the end of june

the end of june and hopefully the end of june gloom. some changes have happened recently. i'm feeling inspired to do a big purge of everything. clothes + home stuff. i'm really into the idea of buying less & going for quality. i need that right now!

anyway here's a list of things i've had my eye on lately: 

1. baggu basic tote. we have/had this at the museum and the color is far darker than it's shown in the photo. ( this is a good thing for me )

2. Denim shorts. this particular style is from madewell, but i'm up for anything. i need a pair for summer weather.

3. these linen sandals from james rowland shop. this would be a splurge... but these look so comfy.... and linen is just the best right now.

4. i've decided that i love leah goren's work. including this cell phone case.

5. Sally Mann's memoir. Hearing good things about this one. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

the latest wishlist

1. Leah Goren's alphabet print- I want this framed and hanging in my apartment!

2. I feel like these are the perfect amount of ugly & cool and I want them. The babouche slides from Need Supply in lilac.

3. I know I'm not the only one completely intrigued by everything Glossier. These guys have been getting rave reviews & I really want to try it out for myself.

4. The latest Kinfolk. The Essentials Issue- it just sounds TOO GOOD. I actually have a reading list right now. This rarely happens. Kinfolk is on top. Followed by Miranda July's collection of short stories (I recently read her latest novel and loved it) and The Girl on the Train.

5. This tie-waist shirt. Basically, I need more clean + simple summer shirts.
6. Either pair of these NO.6 clogs. Cement + Mocha or Naked.

 7. Stripes!

8. NARS blush in the popular and universally flattering orgasm shade

Also on my list is Cold Spring Apothecary's Sweet Basil spring candle. and candles in general.

Also definitely need a good pair of denim shorts.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Art installations in the sky, beautiful coffee shops made out of garages, ceramic cups, outdoors sculpture museums, the sweet sweet smell of lilacs, polka dot walls, and homemade waffles. 

s p r i n g