Sunday, June 21, 2015

the end of june

the end of june and hopefully the end of june gloom. some changes have happened recently. i'm feeling inspired to do a big purge of everything. clothes + home stuff. i'm really into the idea of buying less & going for quality. i need that right now!

anyway here's a list of things i've had my eye on lately: 

1. baggu basic tote. we have/had this at the museum and the color is far darker than it's shown in the photo. ( this is a good thing for me )

2. Denim shorts. this particular style is from madewell, but i'm up for anything. i need a pair for summer weather.

3. these linen sandals from james rowland shop. this would be a splurge... but these look so comfy.... and linen is just the best right now.

4. i've decided that i love leah goren's work. including this cell phone case.

5. Sally Mann's memoir. Hearing good things about this one. 

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