Sunday, November 3, 2013

mostly brooklyn

A weekend of food and friends. My Saturday started off at the Brooklyn Flea, which was basically an excuse to eat everything you could ever want all at once. In order, I ate: a veggie hot dog (first time eating a 'hot dog' since I've been vegetarian and wow why haven't I tried one sooner?), pizza, a doughnut, and hot apple cider. It was disgusting and amazing. All the vendors at the flea were really cool, but also really expensive. Bummer, but kinda expected. Headed to Bushwick after that to meet up with Ithaca friends. And now I miss Ithaca even more, but that's okay. I love these peeps and especially miss living with my roomies. Next day Nick and I ventured around the LES once feels like our spot now. I swear it's become familiar. We tried out Prune for brunch. A++ in my book. Speaking of books, we also visited Dashwood Books and I got this awesome little photo book by Christophe Kutner that I am very happy about.

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