Saturday, November 23, 2013

mad about plaid

What. a. day. I am exhausted. Spent my afternoon in Brooklyn at the winter Renegade craft fair and then in Chelsea for lunch. I finally got to wear my plaid mini dress- the most comfortable dress for lots of roaming around. Plaid is everywhere all of a sudden and I am happy because of that. The fair, although extremely crowded, gave me a dulce de leche & strawberry crepe AND a hot apple cider with ginger. I thought I'd go for it with the ginger, but eh, in the end I think I prefer regular plain old apple cider. The fair also gave me a new crystal necklace hand dyed with natural dyes from Gamma Folk. How about that! It was love at first sight. AND on top of that, the fair gave me a small linen tote, hand painted with natural mineral pigments (from CAShandmade). I guess I was all about the natural colors this time around. And the plaid.

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