Monday, September 23, 2013

A Warm Day in Boston

My day in Boston was magical. Sometimes I really enjoy alone time in a big city. I spent my day strolling leisurely along the (somewhat confusing) Boston streets, cutting through parks and across bridges in the warm sun. Probably one of the last really warm days we'll see in a while. I arrived at the south station bus terminal around 1pm and had a few hours to spend before Nick was out of work. First I ended up going to the BU area to catch Mei Mei Street Kitchen food truck. So.Many.College.Students.Everywhere. I feel like I blended in pretty easily though- heh. Now I'm trying to convince my sister to go to school in Boston. It was like that part of the city was its own college campus. After lunch, I trekked over to the Isabella Gardner Museum, which was actually not what I expected, but at the same time, really unique.
THIS was one of my favorites. Which is sort of weird because I feel like I wouldn't normally be drawn to it. Anyway, I think the main reason why I couldn't stop staring at it is because it made me think about my art history classes back at school and how much I miss sitting in a classroom analyzing and discussing works of art. It was kind of a sad moment.
After the museum I found myself at Thinking Cup, an awesome coffee shop directly across from the Boston Common. They had Stumptown coffee aka the best coffee. It was delicious. I actually sat by the window in that place for a while. I ended up having a conversation about how different Boston was from NYC with a stranger, and gosh it's so true. So true! Nick finally met me around 7ish and we went straight to dinner at this delicious (and very expensive it turns out) place. I had an heirloom tomato salad and this homemade lavender lemonade soda- Mmmm. Nick got a homemade ginger ale soda. Boston is a cool place and I couldn't have been happier to end my day with him. heeheeee.

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