Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rainy Days and Comfy Sweaters

I guess rainy days are meant for shopping. I spent the day in Greenwich, Ct. wearing an extremely comfy sweater- a British flag printed knit that kept me warm from the on and off drizzle. The cappuccino I had also helped. La Pain Quotidien has now become one of my favorite food spots. There's one close to my office in the city so hopefully I'll be visiting there pretty often. It's a lovely place. I also finally found the perfect pair of black booties- I've been searching forever. Happy about that. Greenwich is one of the perfect spots for shopping! Also picked up the May/June issue of Frankie. I would just like to express my for love for this magazine. It's Australian based and focuses on all things fashion, travel, food, music, craft, art and more. It's beautiful inside and out! That's all for today! Hope everyone is enjoying this rainy Thursday.

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