Sunday, January 4, 2015


It's 2015 and that means a new year. A new you. And a time to reflect. Big steps. Small steps. Basically, a blank slate.  
NYE was spent at two of my college roommate's apartment in Long Island City. My fondest memory of the entire night was going up to the roof at midnight with sparklers & champagne- a true new year's moment. New Year's day was filled with lots of movies on the couch, a New York City skyline, and some of the best brick oven pizza from Roberta's. I went to Maman the next day, a cafe and bakery in SoHo serving recipes from from the south of france and north america. I'm still beating myself up for not trying the lavender hot chocolate, but I needed a coffee boost.
At home I went to Beacon and had breakfast & visited Dia, which will forever be one of my favorite spots. I spent too much time with Olive, saw friends from high school, and watched more movies (yes).

2015 is looking pretty good so far, wouldn't you say? 

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