Sunday, March 9, 2014

movin movin

 Long weekends are the best and March is turning out to be fuuuuuun. I spent a couple of days in Chelsea for the opening of Moving Image art fair that I had the opportunity to intern for. Art fair week in nyc! woo! My two sisters, Nick, and a few friends came down for the show which was really nice! I celebrated at Buddakan beforehand with dumplings and yummy coconut fried rice. The place seriously reminded me of Hogwarts. It was huge. The after-party at Eyebeam was also neat! Virtual Reality time with the Oculus glasses + free wine. ~So futuristic~ The next day was so so nice out and after spending some time at the fair again, I went to see the Doug Wheeler exhibit at David Zwirner which was awesome! GO SEE. ALSO found two new favorite places: Westville for foods and CrossRoads Trading Co. for shoppppinnnnn. Until next time!

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